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For vendors

The website www.design20.eu offers you an expert driven market place for your design items from the 20th century.
We offer your items to the resale in commission. > Commission contract. For that you must explain your offer to it in a form intended for it. The publication is free and takes place in the name of "design of this 20th century."

To the publication of your offer, your statements and descriptions about the objects are checked carefully by experts and are supplemented if necessary. The more complete and exact your form is, the quicker it can be published on the website. If the form cannot be filled at all or only very partially, you have the opportunity to ask for an editing by our experts, which will add costs.

The commission-contract comes about first, if you get a written confirmation of design20.eu, and agree this again. > terms and conditions/ data protection-regulations..

Please login to get the document with blank spaces to be filled in.

Please send your offer per mail or the print version to:
Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel, Apostel-Paulus-Str. 26, 10823 Berlin, Germany.

Download -> design20-Form.pdf

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Further contact information (address, phone, fax, etc.)
Object's common description in single words, e.g. tableware, cutlery, jar, necklace, carpet, poster, chair, car.
Specification of the designer or design of school, producer or workshop. Is the object a re-edition or a replica with slight differences?
Model's name/number
Model's name / form number or pattern, if known
Characterise the object by a date, if known. E.g. "1915" if the date is exactly known, "around 1915" or "1915-1920" or "before/after 1915" if a definite year cannot be given.
Material/ technique
Common and comprehensible explanation of material, if possible also description of technique or production method.
Height, width, depth and diameter of all parts, total weight.
Does the object bear a mark or is it unmarked? Where is the mark located? What type of mark (image, signet, alphabetical mark, initial, symbol, pressed or scribed mark, overglaze or underglaze, color)? Are there additional marks visible, like model-no., workshop's sign, artist's mark? Which information does the mark contain? Please add photos of the mark.
Please describe neutrally the most striking characteristics of form and decoration.
Please indicate item's condition and possible location and type of damage; e.g. superb, good condition, usual traces of age and usage, abrasion, glazing flow, craze, professionally restored, glued, renewed in parts. Please add photos.
Literature and /or references
Please add the exact title of e.g. a professional journal a reference book or the name of a museum, respectively its inventory listings in which the item is recorded?
Notice/ remarks
Additional information concerning the object; e.g. about the artist, the producer, the product line, the era, the context and/or the geographic region.
Your price suggestion €/$
All prices incl. VAT and commission

Please send us images (JPEG File Interchange Format) of the object in a separate email to redaktion@design20.eu, e.g. general view, front, back, mark, damages. If possible, please use a white background.